Early Stage

Peter trained and coached executives of start-up and early stage companies in leadership and management competencies at Groundwork Labs in the American Underground.
Here is what they are saying…..

“Peter Anlyan’s leadership workshop was essential training for our team. It helped us move through some difficult conflicts by focusing on shared goals and dialog. This training has given us the solid foundation we needed to continue building our company.”-Roxanne Nanninga, CEO, Trufish

“Working with Peter was great. He helped our company leadership grow both as managers and team players.” –Tyler Confrey-Maloney, CEO, Undercover Colors

“I attended Peter’s course for early startups and found it to be very valuable and practical. Contrary to most Leadership Development programs Peter has developed a toolset that can be used and implemented immediately. I have and continue to use one of the tools in particular and find it to be of great assistance to me in my daily work and in my overall challenges as a CEO.” –Jan Sauer, CEO,TimeGrabApp

“The Groundwork Labs Leadership Program was remarkably rewarding for our team. Peter’s guidance in getting to a deeper level of understanding between fellow founders, including communication and personality styles, was invaluable to us. We left with tools that we use in interactions with team members, partners and customers. I cannot recommend this program enough.” -Brian Baucom, Cofounder/CEO, MyGivingBook

“While many teams focus on HOW their founders interact, through the GWL leadership program, I was able to get an understanding of WHY we interact the way that we do. Though personality identification is a commonly ignored facet of entrepreneurship, I found it vital to get a better grasp on why certain communication methods within my team are not successful, while others work very well.  Our company took the program one step further by incorporating some of the personality identification tactics into Upswing’s student and coach matching algorithm. Peter has provided insightful guidance into how we can function more cohesively as a team, in addition to providing feedback on how we can refine the algorithm.” -Alex Pritchett, Founder, Upswing

“As a school psychologist, I was unsure how much I could learn about my own personality type that I didn’t already know. Peter Anlyan helped me realize that despite your background or previous training, there’s always more to learn or a better way to apply it. After the leadership course, I am a stronger, more self-aware leader. We are lucky this program was built into our accelerator’s curriculum, because as a startup, we would not have had the awareness or funds to reach out to such a powerful resource at this stage of our development”. -Rich Brancaccio, Founder/CEO, FokusLabs


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