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  Team Leadership
Get to know Peter’s training style through this online course,
“4 Simple Leadership Tools for Every Team Member.”
It is comprised of 7 lectures plus plenty of support material.  And it’s free.  Use Code: LEADNOW!

What they’re saying….

Precise, simple and to the point – “Thanks for the excellent course. Peter is an excellent orator – pointing the 4 tools in a very simple, precise manner. Excellent course for anyone looking to develop skills in hosting team meetings and want to maximize their potential and contributions with the team.”

Great course!
“This course was clear and concise. The instructor was very professional and gave information in a format that was easy to understand. The instructor also gave great examples!”

Very useful course
“Thanks a lot for the sharing. Tools are simple and useful to improve the dialogue and solve issues in leadership and teams.”

Great lecture –
“Love the teaching style – Very direct and easy to understand – very informative. Tools are also provided to put into practice.  Great concept for the: Carol Model/Roll in My Goal”

Fast and to the point – “Great crash course on key issues that leaders should have in mind when striving towards improvement.”

Short and Sweet
“I enjoyed the delivery of this course. The lecturer has a lovely voice and is easy for a non-American to understand. I liked the simple layout and the team-friendly focus.”

An excellent refresher! – “Thank you for the course. Even being familiar with much of the content, it was a good thing to regain awareness of these concepts (I especially enjoyed the Bonus Lecture on how to hold effective and efficient meetings!)”

Lot of great tips – “Really enjoyed this course, a lot of great tips I definitely will use. Thanks Mr. Anlyan”

“Overall, I found this course very useful. The main issue is that I hadn’t taken it earlier! I feel this course would be extremely relevant to college students going into a business or entrepreneurship major. ”

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