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Coaching for Results for Managers
Training for Results for the Team 

Peter Anlyan has developed a unique blend of best practices that are easily grasped by managers and team members who want to be more effective in achieving goals.

Find out more by contacting Peter: Email Peter or call 919-669-0052.

In the News…..

  • Order Peter’s new book Leading With Bricks – Best Practices for Middle Managers  here!
  • Peter recently joined the Consultant Collaborative of the Local Government Workplace Initiative at the UNC School of Government.
  • Read Peter’s recent article for Cutter Consortium about the talent gap in technology. Use promo code PEOPLELEG for free access.
  • At the MIT Chief Data Officer Information Quality Symposium, Peter had the opportunity to talk to David Vellante and Jeff Kelly about IT, Baseball and Healthcare on The Cube


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